Peak Season Rental Rates in Canadian Dollars

Period Weekly Rate Daily Rate
 May 25th - June 28th                 
 June 28th - September 14th
 $3,000 $600
 September 14th - October 19th
 $2,500 $500

Off-Peak Season Rental Rates in Canadian Dollars
 Period Weekly Rate   Daily Rate
October 19th - May 25th                         
 $1,250 $250

Three night minimum stays are allowable at any time.

15% Canadian Harmonized Sales Tax must be added to the rent.

PAYMENT TERMS: No reservation is confirmed until full payment of deposit and rent is received and is due on submission of the rental agreement. A $500 security deposit is also required (refundable). If the renter is over 18, but under 21 an additional $500 security deposit is required.

PAYMENT METHOD: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, money orders and personal checks. Personal checks must be received 30 days prior to the scheduled reservation. All payments must be made in Canadian currency. If needed, charges will be converted into the renter’s home currency by the renter’s bank or credit card company based on current exchange rates.